MLNP™ Neuro Coaching  Re-invent yourself with the help of neuro-coaching techniques!

Here are 11 great reasons to work with a MLNP™ Neuro Coach.

A coach is a great sounding board

A coach is someone you can bounce ideas around with. While a coach will encourage you to explore ideas and may even float a few suggestions, they will not give you advice or tell you what to do. Rather, they will ask you questions to help you dig deep to find the best option for you.


Sometimes following through is easier if you know someone is expecting you to take action. This helps with commitment and leads into the next point, motivation.


Coaching can help you to achieve the momentum you require to become and to then stay motivated.

Blind Spots

A coach can act like a light house – we can shine light on some of those things you aren’t able to see on your own.

Alternative perspectives

Your coach may see a situation or idea a little differently to the way you do. As a result, they may be able to provide an alternative perspective for you to consider. You can then decide if this new perspective is helpful for you.

Tools & Strategies

Your coach will have a number of tools and strategies in their toolkit they can share with you. The best bit is that these tools and strategies generally empower you to help yourself, making learning sustainable. You can draw on them whenever you need to.

A safe space to explore ideas

The coaching space is a non-judgmental, safe and supported space. This allows you to explore ideas and options to move forward, creating the positive change you would like to see in your life.

The right questions

Sometimes finding the right answers requires someone to ask the right questions. Asking the right questions, some of which may well challenge you, is a key skill coaches bring to the coaching relationship.

Create positive change

This is what coaching is all about – clarifying and putting plans, actions and mindset in place to allow you to create positive change.


Coaching is a key ingredient in helping you achieve overall wellbeing, be it through working with your values and strengths, or through the application of other evidence based strategies proven to increase wellbeing. Strategies in this space would obviously be tailored to individual needs.

Personal Development

Coaching can help increase self-awareness, increase confidence, overcome self-limiting beliefs and manage life stress, amongst other areas of personal development.

Reinvent Yourself!